Putting on Humility and Yieldedness
October 15, 2023

Putting on Humility and Yieldedness

Passage: John 4:1-26

Our world knows conflict. Other than a "couple" glorious days in the Garden of Eden, conflict has always been present. But God...gifts us with his son Jesus, the Prince of Peace- Peace on Earth!  Peace is often seen as circumstantial, but if Jesus is Peace, and He is with us, then we should be people of Peace, following His example. One major problem- people don't know Jesus, and many who do yield more often to comfort than the missional purpose to reveal TRUE PEACE, JESUS, to our broken and hurting world. Peace by any other means is temporary. The key to transforming us from peace-keepers to peace-Makers is YIELDING ourselves FULLY to God's purposes for the opportunities that He gives us each day- trusting that only God can bring Peace to a world that is hurting.  

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