Please Support Our Partners!


Please Support Our Partners!

Curt & Eva Kratz

Curt & Eva Kratz

Prison Ministry, Telford, Pennsylvania

Eva offers one-on-one mentoring to those who are incarcerated. If you would like Eva to visit a friend or family member contact her at

Curt & Eva also teach group Bible studies and “Celebrate Recovery Inside”.

“The men and women tell us they receive love, forgiveness, hope, and healing from the Lord.”


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Ryan & Amanda Nice Family

Ryan & Amanda Nice Family

BCM Ministries, Big Sky Camp, Montana

Ryan is the Program Administrator at Big Sky Bible Camp. He oversees the summer camp program and also guest services. Amanda is at home with our 2 kids, Abram and Naomi and also helps out in the kitchen at camp when she is able.


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Jamy & Lisa Landis Family

Jamy & Lisa Landis Family

BCM International Ministries, Big Sky Camp, Montana

Jamy is the Director of the camp and serves in teaching, administration, maintenance and more. Lisa is a full time mother of five daughters, one son, and home schools as well. She also oversees the kitchen at camp. Big Sky currently runs various weeks of summer camp for children in grades 3 all the way up through high school. Big Sky also hosts Camp Promise, a camp for those with special needs.


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Dave & Mary Landis Family

Dave & Mary Landis Family

We Care Ministries, Atmore, Alabama

Prison ministry has many forms. Sometimes it looks like leading a chapel service or spending an hour or two teaching a class on the subject of peace- keeping or leadership. It may look like walking around on an exercise yard visiting with an inmate who needs someone to talk to or spending time in a hot, muggy dorm on a rainy day praying with a young man who is struggling.

“Our mission, though, remains constant. We are following the command of Christ to ‘go…make disciples…baptize…and teach’ men and women behind bars.”

– David R. Landis


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Dustin & Hannah Leatherman Family

Dustin & Hannah
Leatherman Family

Push the Rock Ministries, Eagles Wings Disc Golf Division, Sarasota & Philadelphia

Dustin and Hannah have been serving with Push The Rock since January of 2008. Push The Rock is a global sports ministry organization dedicated to sharing the love of Christ using the platform of athletics.


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Donation Gateway

Please use the dashboard below to donate to one of our partners. Thank you in advance for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Franconia Mennonite Church participating in electronic giving?

Franconia Mennonite Church has previously offered electronic giving options. However, these options were limited in their flexibility and scalability. They also involved a lot of setup and were not as cost effective as other options. The current solution, VANCO, is user friendly, scalable, available via the internet as well as mobile application (app) and is more cost effective than the previous option. VANCO serves over 30,000 clients and process more than $13.1 billion on a yearly basis.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the electronic giving program as long as they have a bank account.

What happens if I participate in electronic giving and the offering plate is passed to me during the worship service?

When the offering plate is passed during the worship service, please feel free to drop the electronic giving pew card into the plate. These pew cards are located at the end of each bench. No additional information is needed; the card simply indicates that you gave electronically.

What if I incorrectly submit a contribution?

If you make a gift you did not intend to make or put in an amount larger than you intended, please contact the church office. If you overdraw your account, both you and the church will be notified and a fee could be charged by your bank to you and by VANCO to the church. 

What funds can I give to through the system?

The VANCO system allows giving for any church fund including the general fund, missions, and other. The “Other” category is for items not specially listed in the drop down menu. Please email the church office with your designation if you use the “Other” fund option.

What if I have not given to Franconia Mennonite Church in the past and want to regularly give electronically at this point?

Please sign up for a VANCO account and let the church office know that you plan on giving regularly. The church office will create year-end contribution receipts for you.

How do I give electronically?

There are two options to give electronically – the website and the mobile app.

Website: Go to and click on the “give” button in the menu bar.  Click sign in/sign up.  Follow the prompts to complete account creation.

Mobile App: Download via Google Play or the Apple Store (search for Vanco GivePlus).

If you decide that you don’t need physical envelopes to give in future years, please notify the church office so they can remove you from the envelope order.

Can I give different amounts each week?

The giver has complete control over how much they give and how often. There is no limit on the numbers of times that anyone can give or the dollar amount.

Can I stop participating in electronic giving?

Yes, at any point you can stop giving electronically and give through the physical envelope system.

How are year-end tax contributions reported?

VANCO integrates with the current church reporting software, hence, all year-end tax contribution receipts will include contributions from envelopes, the VANCO website, and the VANCO mobile app.

Will my contribution be decreased if I use the electronic giving system?

No, your contribution through the system will be applied to your contribution account in the same amount of the donation. For example, a $100 donation on the electronic system will result in a $100 charitable contribution.

What is the fee the church pays to use the system?

The church pays a 1% processing fee on the total amount given as well as a $0.45 batch transaction fee. There is also a small monthly software subscription fee.

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