Just As He Said
March 31, 2024

Just As He Said

Passage: Matthew 28:1-10

Two thousand years ago occurred the single greatest event in history thus far—a non-resistant peasant from a small town was condemned as a threat to both the Roman Empire and to the Jewish religious establishment. The man was sentenced to death by crucifixion and following the agonizing execution, his body lay lifeless and bound in a donated tomb…until it didn’t. An event so great, so urgent, so life-altering that it should have been front-page, breaking news every single day ever since. This is the story of Jesus, the Christ, who once was dead but now lives again. Of the 700,000 headlines that should have made the front page since that Resurrection day, one might have summarized the news in a short four-word quote, “Just As He Said.” Come, let us join together this Lord’s Day and proclaim the good news that Christ has risen, just as He said! 

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